Rich has been our resident piano player for 5 years - from his mis-spent teenage cider years in the midlands, to teaching budding young piano players, Rich has mastered the art of singalong and audience participation and is held in the highest regard in the north west.


Rich has an interactive and engaging “audience request” style and has a solid foundation of all the must-have sing-alongs: standard popular classic rock, pop, funk and R&B as well as array of new material. Will play anything... accept Atomic Kitten... that's just a straight NO 😜

Every Friday & Saturday 9pm-12am.

"Rich has mastered the art of singalong and audience participation"

We’ve LIVE music and DJ sets weekdays and weekends. Our #eattothebeat DJ sessions are brought to you by DJ duo Mark G & Annie P.


Every Thursday 5pm-7pm. Sunday 3pm-5pm. 


Stay tuned to our Instagram for news and extra gigs.

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